Technology Area

Director : Jongwon Kim [ jongwon AT ]

Asia Pacific Research Platform
A partnership among Asian countries in APAN through the ScienceDMZ. , promoted mainly in Asian countries with the aim of building a Research Platform in the Asia Pacific region
The Cloud WG sessions are designed to provide APAN members with an opportunity to discuss the latest development around Cloud-based ICT technology.
Internet of Things
No one argue against the fact that there has been very rapid development in communication and information technology (CIT) in the world. `
IPv6 WG is a forum for dialogue among participates, regarding the research, engineering, operation and various applications in favour of IPv6 in the region
Is established with the objectives of : Prepare policies and guidelines for the security architecture and to raise the security awareness and knowledge within APAN community.
Ai- Driven Networks
AINWG intends to provide all APAN members with the opportunity to efficiently design, manage, maintain, and protect their respective national and research networks